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Jeffrey L. Buford, Pastor

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Deacons Ministry

The Deacons Ministry exists to worship and praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to give leadership in worship services, evangelism and church ordinances in a way that we may serve as Aid to the Pastor by looking out for the welfare of the Church Congregation in their spiritual and personal needs in a way that we mandate the scriptures of Matthew 28:19-20.


The mothers serve almost the same purpose as the mother in the home: giving advice and sound judgement and counseling with younger women.  The mothers are someone who the pastor and church can depend on to teach and council.  They also assist with the preparation of the Lords Supper and candidates for baptism.

Women Missionary Auxiliary

The women missionary is to stimulate a missionary spirit in the women of the church through prayer, increased knowledge of the bible, study of mission evangelism, some form or organized personal service for the community, regular contribution to the district, state and national organizations and such other local and general benevolence.

Harold M. Searcy Memorial Scholarship

The purpose/mission of this ministry is to financially assist Mays Chapel Church members and their children in the pursuit of their educational goals and interests. This ministry awards an annual amount to an accredited institution of the member’s choice upon meeting certain academic requirements. An award is also available for technical schools or on line course curriculums. Awards are granted based upon a scholarship committee review of each application for proper qualifications and documentation.

Male Chorus

The purpose/mission of this ministry is for the male members of the church congregation to provide, set and establish an environment and musical atmosphere that is conducive to worship thereby enabling the presence of the Holy Spirit to move freely and unencumbered among the congregation during worship service. This choir, composed of males of all ages, is primarily responsible to provide music on 5th Sundays and special occasions (i.e. Laymen’s Day).

Senior Choir

The purpose of the senior choir is to cultivate the talents of church members, provide a means of worship, create a spirit of evangelism conducive to usher in the Holy Spirit, and provide learning opportunities.  Music is a ministry to all phases of church life.  The object of this senior choir is to provide a music ministry that will please God and uplift the spirit of His people.


The purpose and objectives of the church ushers are to provide for the seating, comfort, and welfare of the congregation while in services, to prevent interruptions and distractions during the services, to represent the church as a gracious host and to greet visitors with a kind smile and loving heart representative of the congregation.

Sisterhood Ministries

The Sisterhood Ministry promotes sisterhood among the young and mature ladies of the church. We strive to do this by ensuring a safe and secure foundation, based on God’s Word, for our young sisters. As well, the older sisters work to show our young sisters how to love, trust, and be on one accord, through their interactions and relationships. Our motto is: Predestined Resounding Outreach to Grow, Restore, and Edify our Sacred Sisters (PROGRESS)…

Youth Ministry

The Mays Chapel Youth Ministry desires to bring young people together in a life of faith, action and fellowship.  We want to create a safe and nurturing space for our youth to gather together and provide opportunities to serve God through fellowship and service projects to become better Christians.  Our goal is to enable our youth to understand and recognize who Jesus is and what it is to live for Him only.


We believe as males we must band together as one cohesive unit and perform our activities as Christian men under the guidance of our savior Jesus Christ.  We believe it is our purpose to help the needy and less fortunate members of our church, community and beyond, assist the widows of the church, save the young boys and set an example to teach our young men how to become Christian men in our church.    


Trustees serve as legal officers of the church and hold in trust church property upon specific vote of the church authorizing each action.  They have the power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease or transfer any church property.  These individuals are required to sign any legal documents related to church approved matters involving the sale, mortgage, purchase or rental of property.

Youth Choir

The Youth Choir is an extension of the Youth Ministry whose purpose foremost is to glorify God, proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and to communicate and demonstrate His Kingdom to the entire congregation but specifically to the younger audience members. Their function is always to serve as an enhancement to the worship service preparing the people of God for the delivery of the word which is the integral part of the worship service.

Food Pantry Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to provide an avenue for church members and residents of the area to obtain not only spiritual food but physical canned goods for those that are less fortunate or have fallen into an unplanned circumstance beyond their control. This ministry is sponsored by the church Brotherhood organization who monthly supply canned goods to Brooks House Homeless Center in Lebanon, TN. We are blessed so that we can bless others.

Church Van Ministry

Our church van ministry is an extension of our Sunday school program and provides free transportation to those members or perspective church members who are in need of transportation to or from our church services. Our current route encompasses an approximate forty mile radius of the church and surrounding community. Our fifteen passenger van is reliable and available upon request.

Young Adult Ministry (aka One Accord)

The purpose of this ministry is to establish an outreach ministry of young male and female adults between the ages of 25 to 55 years of age formulated to increase fellowship among the core group of the church family. Prayerfully, this fellowship will in turn bond them to inspire the unity required to enhance church growth, both physically and spiritually and to increase fellowship through active interaction and participation with each other.

Audio/Video Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to enhance the worship service experience through audio and video technology to aide the worshiper in receiving, retaining, understanding and focusing on the delivered word. It is of utmost importance that God’s word goes forth with undignified clarity and with omnipotent power. Also to assist the church to reach the masses using technology to amplify, display, record and share God’s ministry of evangelism.